My Top Five Pics.. Which is your favourite?

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I’ve selected some of my favorite landscape images and thought in the interests of all of you who contribute and follow me on my photography journey, I’d let you decide which is your favorite. Consider them carefully and cast your vote below the images.



Tina is a popular photographic subject who lies on the shingle at Dungeness in Kent. The beach is scattered with old fishing boats whose time for ruling the waves has long since been forgotten. Tina and her ever present companions now serve as a lasting memory as the serve out the remainder of their days basking in past glory on the shingle beach.



This old fence, photographed on a visit to Colorado is in stark contrast with its surroundings. A barrier between the sparse undergrowth that immediately surrounds it, set against the backdrop of fall colours in all their splendor.



Many would be forgiven for missing this rusty crane that stands sentinel in front of the Battersea Power Station in the heart of London. I sometimes wonder how many passengers, absorbed in their daily commute from Victoria station, even notice it against the backdrop of the very popular and much photographed power station?



An image taken on my annual pilgrimage to the South West of England to get away from the London’s hustle and bustle, Land’s End is the epitome of serenity. It belies the ferociousness of the waves that continually batter the coastline as they roll in from the  North Atlantic Ocean to meet mainland England.



Also a product of my visit to Colorado, Crystal Mill is another photographers favorite. Taken in the early hours as the full moon ducked behind cloud bank, this image captures the former powerhouse in all its former glory as it posses against a backdrop of fall colors and the starry sky above.


So, you’ve had time to carefully consider my Top Five Pics. Now its up to you to select your favourite. Careful though – theyre in no particular order.

Happy voting – I look forward to sharing the results.


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